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What you can expect
As we age, our body goes through changes that effect the quality and eventual length of our life.  Researchers call these changes BioMarkers of aging.  While many people simply write these changes off as inevitable consequences of aging, we have found that ten biomarkers of aging can actually be reversed with proper exercise and nutrition. The senior fitness program at Final Results Fitness is designed to maximize functional strength and muscle mass, increase bone density, reduce body fat, optimize cardiovascular health, decrease inflammation, improve glucose control and insulin sensitivity, and reduce arthritis and chronic back pain. 

The Senior Fitness program from Final Results Fitness is the closest thing we have found to discovering the fountain of youth.  You can turn back the physiological hands of time and return to the health and fitness levels you enjoyed in 20 years ago or more.

And best of all, for many people, it's completely covered by insurance.  To find out if you can belong to Final Results Fitness and the Senior Fitness Program absolutely FREE, click here or just bring your insurance card to the club.












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