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A Final Results Fitness Exclusive Feature

 FitLinxx is a system designed to help you get results by giving you instant feedback while you exercise on our strength training equipment.  It’s like having someone guide you through your own personalized exercise program, tracking your performance and updating your program as you progress.  Equally important, FitLinxx greatly improves our ability to monitor your progress and help you reach your goals.

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First Stop - The FitLinxx Workout Information Center

 Just stop by the Workout Information Center to begin each workout.  As soon as you log on with your personal identification number, the system...
•Displays messages from your instructor to improve your workout
•Gives you a preview of the day’s workout
•Sends your workout information to each piece of equipment in your program today

Your FitLinxx Training Partner is waiting for you at each stop.
There’s a FitLinxx Training Partner on every piece of equipment in your exercise program.   Just enter your personal identification number on the touch screen as you move to each piece of equipment in your routine.   Your “training partner” stays with you via the touch screen, providing all the information you need to successfully complete your workout.  FitLinxx gives you the feeling that your instructor is always there.  The training partner tells you where to set your seat position and how many repetitions and sets you need to complete.  As you begin, it measures and monitors your range of motion and lift speed.  It even tells you when a change is recommended, so you reach your fitness goals by exercising properly and progressing at a safe pace.

Check your progress daily
Return to the Workout Information Center at the end of each session and FitLinxx will track and recap your workout in easy-to-read graphs and reports.  You and your instructor will see exactly how far you’ve come towards meeting your goals.  For the first time ever, you’ll be able to measure your progress with each workout.  Whether you’re new to exercise or want to get more from your current program, FitLinxx makes it easy and makes sure your workout delivers results-  positive results you’ll see with every session.  FitLinxx promises you’ll never have to wonder whether it’s worth it.  You’ll know it is!








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