Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

For the Employee

A healthy lifestyle impacts every part of your day-to-day work environment. Corporate Wellness Programs translate into fewer injuries, less human error, and a more harmonious office environment. They also let you know that your organization is concerned about your general health and well-being.

A good Corporate Wellness Program will also help reduce stress, which the United Nations has called "the 20th Century Disease." A large majority of office workers complain that their job is stressful - a problem that affects all levels within an organization.

Stress from the workday also affects our personal relationships and activities. Human beings are just not designed to magically morph into someone else as we leave our work environment.

Taking advantage of programs offered not only will help you succeed more during work hours, it will give you more energy and patience for your home and personal life as well.

For the Employer

As reported in an Ipsos-Reid study released March 18, 2004 the main preventable contributors to employee absenteeism are:

  • Depression/anxiety/other mental health disorders - 66%
  • Stress - 60%
  • [Negative] Relationship with supervisor or manager - 44%
  • Co-worker conflict in the workplace - 28%
  • more...

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

For the Employer

We'll help you design a program to maximize participation and then help you market it too. Company branded marketing materials help you prepare and launch your program.

On average, a typical worker loses 115 productive work hours every year due to a health condition. A majority of the lost productive time from these health conditions is invisible to employers, because it occurs on the job. Absenteeism due to stress has increased with the total cost to employers in lost productive time.

For many companies, medical costs can consume half, or more, of company profits. Chronic diseases related to lifestyle account for 70 percent of the nation's medical costs. Experts in the field of health benefits estimate that the costs of employer provided health and dental benefits are rising at a rate of 15 to 20% percent per year. One-quarter of adults aged 45 and older report that their physician has diagnosed them with high blood pressure and one in twenty Americans has been diagnosed with diabetes by a health professional.

58 percent of workplaces rate the quality and quantity of physical activity opportunities, programs and facilities that are available to employees as poor, yet two-thirds of employees have little or no input into the development of physical activity policies, programs and opportunities.

33 percent of Americans view affordable supportive services as very important and rate "help in planning their daily schedule to include some physical activity" and "professional help in choosing what types of activities are best for them" as very important.

Companies who approach corporate wellness as an investment rather than a cost realize greater success and lower failure costs in obtaining returns on such programs. The results:

  • Increased productivity, energy and creativity.
  • Increase in employees mental focus, clarity, endurance and attention to detail.
  • Increase in employees production and job execution.
  • Improved company moral.
  • Significant reduction in absenteeism from injuries and illness.
  • Measurable reduction in insurance claims and premiums.
  • Reduction in employee turnovers.
  • Increase in staff retention, longevity and company satisfaction.
  • Increase in employees overall quality of life, through the proven benefits gained physically, psychologically and emotionally through health and fitness.
  • Retained vision, teamwork and cohesiveness of employees.
  • Increased potential for recruitment.


We believe that the key to a strong company is having strong, healthy employees, and that encouraging a preventative approach to health and wellness is one of the most innovative and effective ways employers can boost employee morale, productivity, employee retention and overall profit. Taking advantage of programs offered not only will help you succeed more during work hours, it will give you more energy and patience for your home and personal life as well.

If your company does not have an employee wellness program already set up, you may be in the position to lead the way. If not, contact your human resources department or, if you have access, go straight to the top, your president or Chief Executive Officer. This could be the big idea that gets you that big promotion!


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