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The Ultimate Non-Impact Total Body Workout!


Final Results Fitness has always offered Concept 2 Indoor Rowing ergometers as part of our cardio line up. By many people's estimation, they are one of, if not the best, single cardio machine available.  Unlike bikes or treadmills that use only the muscles of the legs through a limited range of motion, rowing uses nearly every muscle of the body and uses them through a much greater range of motion with less impact stress. If you are looking for a great way to enjoy your cardio workouts, join us in the Boathouse for our indoor rowing classes. Beginners through advanced participants can receive equal benefits and enjoyment as each participant is in control of the intensity of their class experience.

Why Indoor Rowing?

  • Rowing exercises all of your muscle groups: legs, back, arms, abdomen
    and buttocks.

  • Rowing exercises muscles through a wider range of motion than most
    other exercises. This means that your muscles stretch and your joints
    rotate to a greater extent, thereby promoting mobility and flexibility.
    The exercise is more satisfying because you have a sense of motion.

  • Rowing provides aerobic conditioning, as well as strength
    conditioning, as shown in recent research.

  • Rowing is a smooth motion, which is rhythmic and impact-free.

  • Rowing is a great calorie burner. Recent research showed that rowing
    burns calories faster than biking at the same perceived level of

  • Rowing is a lifelong sport, able to be done and enjoyed by all ages.







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