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Want Friendly Professional Help Starting a Workout Plan?

You've come to the right place.

Most everyone knows someone who joined a slick national chain gym with plans on losing weight and getting into better shape, just to fail within 2 months and get stuck with a lot of payments.  Sound familiar?  Well, whose fault is it?  It is EVERYBODY'S fault.  

You see, the reason most people fail is because  most people have no clue about how to design and execute an individualized,  safe, effective and practical exercise and eating plan that works!  The requirements for success are different for each individual and most people require the services of a qualified professional to design a specific plan that will be safe and work for them.

So, why don't most people get a professionally designed plan?  COST and AVAILABILITY.   Most chain health clubs offer at best a generic start-up exercise plan, a basic food pyramin eating plan, or in most cases, no plan at all.  Well, at Final Results Fitness, we believe there is no ONE SIZE  FITS ALL PLAN, and if you have NO PLAN, and NO HELP, how can  you ever expect to succeed?  YOU CANT!  So most people fail.  And in the business plans of the national chains, that’s ok.  In fact, most of the big national chains DELIBERATELY ADVERTISE ARTIFICIALLY LOW MONTHLY RATES to lure new members into the club, and then offer them ONE FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION that, instead of being helpful and educational, turns into a HIGH PRESSURE SALES PRESENTATION for expensive, long term personal training packages.   If the member doesn’t want to pay lots of extra money to get help, then they get NO HELP OR ASSISTANCE learning how to use the equipment or reach their goals.  They don’t get good results, they feel uncomfortable, incompetent, disappointed and swindled, and NEVER COME BACK! And that’s the BIG CHAIN’S PLAN.  Lure them in, sign them up, and hope they never come back.  Well, we think THAT'S WRONG!  It may work as a business plan for big corporate fitness chains, but it’s no way to treat local people.  

At Final Results Fitness, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of the fitness lifestyle and we choose to introduce you to diet and exercise THE RIGHT WAY.  At our health club, we offer a complete diet and exercise SUCCESS plan that is customized to each individual.  Our program provides regular meetings with a CERTIFIED Personal Trainer, a custom designed exercise plan that is tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the individual, as many supervised workouts as you desire, a Nutrition Guide that provides choices that are REALISTIC, a WRITTEN plan  to eliminate any confusion and periodic, scheduled review times with the trainer for program updates, reviews and changes!  Our beginners program is totally different than anything other health clubs offer and is available EXCLUSIVELY at Final Results Fitness.  It is so successful that we offer WRITTEN GUARANTEED RESULTS! 

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of the fitness lifestyle, or have been or know someone who has been a victim of the typical health club scam, now there is hope.  We will show you the steps necessary for your own PERSONAL SUCCESS and will guarantee it in writing.  Get the details NOW and reserve your spot in this incredible program.   CALL FINAL RESULTS FITNESS at (610)367-6611 or request more info here. This can be the year that changes the rest of your life.








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